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5 Facts about Social Media

Posted on: February 3, 2009

I am sure most of you are familiar with social media. I guess it is still interesting to unveil some facts about social media

Fact #1 defines social media as tools or sites on the Internet where people and companies go to congregate, communicate and collaborate.  They include: blogs, podcasts, video sites (youtube), social networks (like Facebook, Friendster, MySpace), micro blogs (like Twitter and Pownce), photo sites (Flickr), bookmarking sites (Stumble Upon, Digg) or any other site where you can interact and share with others in real time.

Fact #2

During my research, I discovered 3 main characteristics of social media:

  1. Two way communication
    Social media enables corporate to ask for two-way communication with customers (or stakeholders, in general). Customers can express their opinion or view about business: its products or services. In contrast, corporate can respond to them and have a prolonged discussion, if necessary.
  2. Sense of Community
    As Microsoft CEO Steven A. Ballmer told the New York Times, “I think one pervasive change (because of social media) is the increasing importance of community.” (Weber, 2007, p. 5). 
  3. Dynamic
    Social media is moving very fast. People come and go. In fact, customer is in control. Customers want news and information about the things they care about (Weber, 2007, p.12). If in the past content was controlled and decided by the media companies, in this new world, media companies have to satisfy their customers, serving up what they want to know. They want to be able to find out about the things they care about, not tomorrow, not later, but now.

Fact #3

Internet is bringing people together to share information, to communicate. Although it applies a slightly different idea to what TV did in the past (one set of TV with all members of the family), yet Internet succeeds to (re)connect people, business, and also government from all over the world – to bring people together.

Fact #4

When their need is served, they will leave. And new people are coming. Even though there is strong sense of community in social media, the members of the community are changing.

Fact #5

Digital media is emerging rapidly. In fact, a recent study (Jakarta Post [online]) found the compound annual growth rate for digital media (websites, banner ads, search engine optimization) is much greater than that for traditional media (TV, newspapers, radio).


Jakarta Post. com

 Weber, Larry (2007): Marketing to the Social Web. Canada. John Wiley & Sons.


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