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Say Hello to Bing

Posted on: June 1, 2009


It is live now. The rumour says it wants to compete with my uncle Google. Can it? Will it?

Is it a compatible competitor?

I tried to use its Beta version just now. My first impression, the homepage is awesome. It gives me a calming or soothing feeling.

Second impression, hm,.. hard to explain but I have the feeling that Bing is not giving ‘objective’ results. I typed ‘reputation management’, because I am now doing a research about it. Then, what I got is a list of companies or consultancy agency that offer the service for reputation management.

When I typed ‘reputation management .pdf’, I didn’t get any PDF files appear on my screen, like what I would have gotten when I search with Google.

But, I found another interesting thing, which is the extra protection provides. When I typed ‘Dita von Teese’ in the image search, I had this message: “The search dita von teese may return explicit adult content.

You can even change the setting. You have three choices: strict, moderate, and off.

Nice. Good for children and youth.

Apart from that, there are extra options like: News, Maps, etc. – just like Google.

I wonder how else will differentiate itself from ‘the competitors’

Welcome Bing!


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