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Today is a very nice day in Holland; yet I am stuck in my office, doing barely anything because my supervisors are one on holiday, and another one ill. Thus, having done all the tasks assigned to me since yesterday, I checked my Google Reader and found lots of interesting articles.

One of them is about the social hotel – Creators Inn – in Stockholm, Sweden. It is “offering free, short-term accommodation for visiting creators.” (The first Creators Inn is in Gothenburg, Sweden.) This hotel is created by a clothing line, Elvine. Thus, you might expect lots of Elvine products in the hotel (like you are free to use the Elvine clothes that are prepared for you in every room – nice!)

Yet, you cannot just pop in and ask for a free room. You have to apply for it; and they will decide upon a selection procedure.

Interesting, huh?

And, to apply for a free accommodation, you can’t simply say “I’m broke, I need a free accommodation!” or “I want to meet some friends and catch up with them. ” You need to state an interesting and creative reason.

I agree with Nick Burcher in his post about Creators Inn. This concept displays the importance of Word of Mouth and the creation of brand experience.

I wonder whether I could get a free room. Yet, still need to think what my reasoning is ūüôā

And I also wonder whether this concept would work in Bali or Lombok, Indonesia, for instance. Hm,…

Read more about Creators Inn here

Or watch this video


This morning, as always, I started my day at work accessing my Google Reader. And in one of the blogs I subscribed to, I found out that Indonesian bloggers party is coming soon! It will be held on the 24th of october this year in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I am so excited about this, altho I have never been to one. As an Indonesian, I am really proud to see how some of the things in my country are going great; for instance this Blogger Party. It is in fact not the first time that such party is held. Last year, they invited some speakers from abroad. Hm,… who would be the next speaker this year? I was thinking Pete Cashmore ( or @mashable), or Perez Hilton¬†(@PerezHilton), the most famous celebrity blogger (this would be fun), or my lecturer, Suzan Pecyna (@suzanpecyna)? She is as excited about social media as I do. Respect for her.

And the topic, hm…maybe about the rise of microblogging (there were some sayings that blogs wouldn’t be as powerful as it is now). or the use of social media for political agenda? that would be fun, too!

Unfortunately, 24 October is not a good date for me to come back to Indonesia to attend this event (unless I would be invited as the guest speaker :P). 

I will all Pesta Blogger (Blogger Party) team all the best and luck.

Yesterday, Indonesian online realm was packed with discussions about a house-wife that was sent to jail because she sent e-mails to her friends (that happened to appear in some forums and blogs) about bad service she received from Omni Internation. Hospital Indonesia. She was accused of defamation: circulating online defamatory statement against Omni Hospital. Her name is Prita Mulyasari.

Bloggers, Facebookers, and other digital citizens in and from Indonesian, and also from outside Indonesia, are screaming for justice, for support to free her from this injustice. People made Facebook cause, tweeting, blogging, retweeting, shouting on their status, making poster, and other things. I am impressed (as an Indonesian, I, too, posted a blog post and tweeted).

Today, she is released (just now), yet still under city arrest.

Apparently bowing to the mounting public pressure, the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) released on Wednesday a housewife from prison and put her under city arrest.

Prita Mulyasari had been detained at Tangerang women penitentiary for three weeks after she was named a suspect for allegedly defaming Omni International Hospital after she shared her complaint about the hospital’s services via the internet.

‚ÄúThe AGO has released her from jail to serve a city arrest as of today,‚ÄĚ AGO spokesperson Jasman Pandjaitan said on Wednesday, without elaborating the reasons behind the policy.

Source: The Jakarta Post

At least, she can see her babies and¬† her husband. But, under city arrest, oh gosh! I can’t help but wonder what has she done that deserves all of this. Is she a terrorist? corruptor? murderer? in fact, her life was in danger a year ago, at Omni hospital.

Justice is still rare – that’s why we always say “Life is unfair” – yet freedom of speech, to express your own opinion? with the emergence of digital/social media, could there still be injustice? *a deep sigh*

Let’s see what’s gonna happen with Omni hospital. They need a billion year to learn about (online) reputation management. Deleting comment on company blog or hiding when (online) attack occured are wrong; yet sending your customer to jail because of her dissatisfaction published on online media? OMG.

Chk-chk boom girl

[Youtube =”

Reading this article on Viralblog, I was initially not at all buying this story. I mean, what’s so special about it? But then, I dug and read carefully: I was in total shock. Amazed, I would say!

Overnight, she became an internet superstar, just because of her false testimony she gave (and maybe because of her pretty face).

Companies, be aware of the (even more powerful) power of the media. Even the false account can go viral and may destroy your reputation.

As it will be my topic for my next research, I am now digging information and resources about social media and (online) reputation management.

This slide is quite helpful (at least for my presentation tomorrow)

Blogs, and other social media, are starting to replace the success of traditional media, such as magazines, newspapers, and even television. It is the current trend! People will no longer wait if they seek information. They want it right here, right now! No wonder the number of online newspaper and magazine is increasing rapidly. Almost every printed publication will have an online version Рalso blogs!

Printed publication people use blogs to get in touch with their customers/readers. They offer interactive applictations in their blogs. Some of them are good, but there are also some thet are just “followers blogs”; they do it (have a blog) because everybody else is doing it.

Back home in Indonesia, blogs are very popular. Yet, as I now live in Europe, I cannot help but wonder why blogs ain’t that popular in Europe, to be specific, in Holland. Do Dutch people think that blogs are only for lousy, melancholic, in-need-for-attention,¬†people? I guess not, because there tons of good blogs in the world (try to google specific subject like branding or engineering).

Thanks to my intercultural communication, I know now why blogs ain’t popular in Holland. Indonesians lack freedom of speech in public. Correct me if I am wrong, tho. Yet, I reckon Dutch people can easily speak up publicly. If they don’t like one thing, or disagree with certain opinions, they will say it directly – for sure! Indonesian? Ah, they would keep it for themselves. Sometimes they would share their deepest, most honest opinion in their small community (family, best friends, or spouse). Most of the time, they will stay silent.

Hence blogs are so popular. They express themselves in their blogs. They write what they think about certain think, about certain people, disagreeing, commenting, laughing at, and sharing their most honest thoughts.

Good for the Indonesians. I am proud to be one. There ain’t right or wrong. It is just the way it is.

Another thing that differs Indonesian bloggers to other bloggers, they don’t only meet up in the online realm; they also meet each other regularly in the real life. Citing from this famous Indonesian blogger, in Jakarta (the capital city of Indonesia), the bloggers meet up quite regularly (in this post, the writer concerns about the possibility to continue this meeting is endangered, i’m sorry to hear this, ndoro).

Once a year, there is also this big Pesta Blogger (en: Blogger Party) that is organised. Indonesian bloggers from all over the place attend this event. Previous Blogger Party in the end of 2008 was packed with bloggers from, not only Indonesia, but also from abroad. They organised discussion, workshop, and also special awards were given to some chosen bloggers.

I am impressed! Yet, I ponder, what will this world be in 5 Р10 years time? We now have this blogs, social networking sites like facebook, twitter, poken, Ipod, Iphone,..  and many more. Can you imagine?

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