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Thanks to Newsweek for this cool video: Click Here

I agree with some comments posted on that video:

1. “I cannot imagine how it was without Facebook.”

2. “People are writing too much information on Facebook. They update it like 30 times a day.” (I hate this, too. I cannot understand why people post information such “going to sleep”, “I am confused whether I should eat rice or potato.” “just woke up”)

3. “The first thing I do in the morning after I wake up is turn on my computer and log on Facebook.” (for me, it’s not 100% true, but I often check my Facebook to start my working/studying day)

4. “I like it. It’s like stalking, but fun!” (just realised it, but it’s so true!)

It makes me wonder what if this ‘research’were done in Indonesia. Would the same result come up?

As it will be my topic for my next research, I am now digging information and resources about social media and (online) reputation management.

This slide is quite helpful (at least for my presentation tomorrow)

Status updates on sites such as Facebook, Yammer, Twitter and Friendfeed are a new form of communication, the South by SouthWest Festival has heard.

“We are all in the process of creating e-mail 2.0,” David Sacks, founder of business social network Yammer said.

Tens of millions of people are using social networks to stay in touch.

The growth in such services is being heralded as the start of the real-time, pervasive web.

‘New communication’

Mr Sacks said: “What people want to do on social network these days is post status updates. We think it’s all people want to do.”

Yammer is an enterprise social network, designed to facilitate communication within companies and organisations.

It is one of a growing number of services that lets users share micro-updates. Other services have a richer mix of content, including sharing photos and video, and allowing comments from people within your social network, building a so-called activity stream.

“I think it’s a new form of communication; not quite e-mail, more lightweight and more real time, often with little bit of a publishing flavour to it,” said Paul Buchheit, founder of FriendFeed, and the creator and lead developer of GMail, while at Google.

FriendFeed lets users share content from other services, such as Twitter and Flickr, and comment directly on the postings in real-time.

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This morning I was struck by this posting on Daily Mail: Facebook Could Raise Risk of Cancer???

This is what is written on Daily Mail online newspaper.

Social networking sites such as Facebook could raise your risk of serious health problems by reducing levels of face-to-face contact, a doctor claims. Emailing people rather than meeting up with them may have wide-ranging biological effects, said psychologist Dr Aric Sigman. Increased isolation could alter the way genes work and upset immune responses, hormone levels and the function of arteries. It could also impair mental performance.

 It is written further that these things can lead to raising the risk of cancer.

I agree that Facebook is not healthy for your relationship. You might not notice it right away, but sooner or later you would feel comfortable without any human interaction. You would feel that you are intreacting already with people using Facebook, or other social network sites. Thus, why bother to meet them face to face, you would reckon. However, since I am no scientist, I am not sure about the risk of cancer.

Whatever illness that Facebook may cause, I guees it is an important point for CEO Mark Zuckerberg to pinpoint this issue. He can maybe initiate annual meeting for Facebook users, or local sport day, or Facebook Party (like Indonesian Blogger Party)? In my opinion, this can also be a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative for social media players like Facebook, Myspace, Plurk,… you name it.

My tips for Facebook users: Do not let Facebook control your life, you are the one that has to control Facebook.

Have fun Facebook-ing 🙂

Do You Poken?

Do You Poken?

Do you poken?

This is actually not a question, but it is a new website that promotes a so-called social network tool that can help you to maintain your friends at social networking sites or the sites: Poken

It is a little bit complicated to explain what Poken is – even the official site cannot clearly define it is. I had to re-read the information for two or three times until I clearly understood. Anyway, Poken is NOT another social network site. It simply is a tool that can bring together your social networking sites that you already have, with special advantage to easily connect with people you meet in the real life (as if there is a fake lie :P).

What you need to do is simply “high-four”ing the people you meet in the real world (using the Poken cute device), connecting the UBS connector (attached in the device) to your computer, and upload your friends’ contact to your poken database. You can also select, via the website, which of your social network profiles you want to share.

It sounds fun!

After numerous invitations to join numerous social network sites that I have deleted, I guess this is an innovation to bridge all those social network sites and connect with your friends easily. Yet, I guess it needs more than online promotion – or mere, traditional promotion – to promote this new, innovative device. Extra efforts need to be considered to make this Poken device known to the whole world.

So, now, if you meet a cute girl, or decent gentleman, you just need to'”high four” and, voila, you get his/her Facebook ! Or you met Steve Job that out of the blue promised  you a job in Apple HQ? No need to worry, just “high four” him and you would meet him at his LinkedIn 😛

Who do you think own Facebook?

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