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I came across this article that could be very useful for my assignments during my Master programme last year. Too bad I hadn’t come across this article back then.

Anyway, I hope it will be useful for you now. This below I quoted one section of the article, which explains the generation that is now very into digital media: the Digital Natives, or as this article called ‘The Rising generation (or generation Z)’.

Bridging the Generation Gap at Work Through the Power of Communication.


This generation has yet to be profiled. Some people are calling this generation “Generation Z,” and many demographers believe that they are going to look very much like our Traditionalist Generation. (Generations do repeat themselves every 80 years or after 4 generations have evolved…they begin to repeat. As an example, Generation Y is actually looking very, very much like our G.I. Generation.) Our current recession is more than likely going to create a generation that is frugal, socially conscious, and craving the need for integrity. This generation is yet to be defined, but I believe this generation along with Gen Y are going to be radically changing our world! Having said this, we are, however, already seeing that texting is indeed one of their favorite forms of communication, and cell phones are being placed in their palms at an earlier and earlier age, as early as age 9.


Yesterday, Indonesian online realm was packed with discussions about a house-wife that was sent to jail because she sent e-mails to her friends (that happened to appear in some forums and blogs) about bad service she received from Omni Internation. Hospital Indonesia. She was accused of defamation: circulating online defamatory statement against Omni Hospital. Her name is Prita Mulyasari.

Bloggers, Facebookers, and other digital citizens in and from Indonesian, and also from outside Indonesia, are screaming for justice, for support to free her from this injustice. People made Facebook cause, tweeting, blogging, retweeting, shouting on their status, making poster, and other things. I am impressed (as an Indonesian, I, too, posted a blog post and tweeted).

Today, she is released (just now), yet still under city arrest.

Apparently bowing to the mounting public pressure, the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) released on Wednesday a housewife from prison and put her under city arrest.

Prita Mulyasari had been detained at Tangerang women penitentiary for three weeks after she was named a suspect for allegedly defaming Omni International Hospital after she shared her complaint about the hospital’s services via the internet.

“The AGO has released her from jail to serve a city arrest as of today,” AGO spokesperson Jasman Pandjaitan said on Wednesday, without elaborating the reasons behind the policy.

Source: The Jakarta Post

At least, she can see her babies and  her husband. But, under city arrest, oh gosh! I can’t help but wonder what has she done that deserves all of this. Is she a terrorist? corruptor? murderer? in fact, her life was in danger a year ago, at Omni hospital.

Justice is still rare – that’s why we always say “Life is unfair” – yet freedom of speech, to express your own opinion? with the emergence of digital/social media, could there still be injustice? *a deep sigh*

Let’s see what’s gonna happen with Omni hospital. They need a billion year to learn about (online) reputation management. Deleting comment on company blog or hiding when (online) attack occured are wrong; yet sending your customer to jail because of her dissatisfaction published on online media? OMG.


It is live now. The rumour says it wants to compete with my uncle Google. Can it? Will it?

Is it a compatible competitor?

I tried to use its Beta version just now. My first impression, the homepage is awesome. It gives me a calming or soothing feeling.

Second impression, hm,.. hard to explain but I have the feeling that Bing is not giving ‘objective’ results. I typed ‘reputation management’, because I am now doing a research about it. Then, what I got is a list of companies or consultancy agency that offer the service for reputation management.

When I typed ‘reputation management .pdf’, I didn’t get any PDF files appear on my screen, like what I would have gotten when I search with Google.

But, I found another interesting thing, which is the extra protection provides. When I typed ‘Dita von Teese’ in the image search, I had this message: “The search dita von teese may return explicit adult content.

You can even change the setting. You have three choices: strict, moderate, and off.

Nice. Good for children and youth.

Apart from that, there are extra options like: News, Maps, etc. – just like Google.

I wonder how else will differentiate itself from ‘the competitors’

Welcome Bing!

Today is Labour Day in Holland. I have a day off for googling, digging, twittering, and other digital activities. The first thing I found during this ‘treasure hunt’ day is this interesting slide about Change Marketing. It specifically underlines the growth of digital media in Europe.

Maybe not.

Social media is not governed by the media or technology that facilitate online interaction, contribution, or participation. It is defined by the people, the communities they join, and the parallel cultures and behavior that manifest. Technology and the networks that spawn through constant innovation will continually surface, merge, excel, or vanish. Human nature and the desire to connect, interact, and elevate is perpetual.
(Read more)

Although I see this trend is becoming even more real every day, a thorough research was done to predict that Internet will overtake TV by 2010.

Microsoft just published a rather thorough report on the future developments of the internet across Europe. One of the bold predictions they are making is that it won’t be long before Internet actually overtakes (traditional) television in terms of media consumption time.

To be precise, they predict it to happen in June 2010 (see graph). Whether the actual month is accurate is not that important. It does show how far the internet has come from the days I first hooked up my 9.6Kbps modem. In fact, rather than describing “digital” as a separate category, in a few years we may need to consider “non-digital” to be the odd one out.

Some other interesting predictions include that

* internet use on PC’s will drop from 95% today, to 50% in five years
* mobile browsing will grow from 19% in 2008 to 30% in 2013
* 28% of Europeans watch short or full length videos online

Interesting times we’re living in. It now depends on how we reacht upon this – are we petrified or are we embracing the change?

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