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and good viral marketing, imho


Four thumbs up for General Motor. I am not sure about the other approaches, but this one is utterly brilliant.

Chk-chk boom girl

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Reading this article on Viralblog, I was initially not at all buying this story. I mean, what’s so special about it? But then, I dug and read carefully: I was in total shock. Amazed, I would say!

Overnight, she became an internet superstar, just because of her false testimony she gave (and maybe because of her pretty face).

Companies, be aware of the (even more powerful) power of the media. Even the false account can go viral and may destroy your reputation.

In the previous posts, I have discussed the emerging of online reputation, or real-time reputation management, or reputation 2.0. It is not for nothing.

Last week, I gave a little presentation at my Master class, sharing this new trend of online reputation management. I started the presentation by discussing the Domino’s effect case happened 2 weeks ago that has possibly damaged the reputation of Domino Pizza.

I hope my presentation is useful.