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They could even have asked the customers to post their pictures on Facebook or Twitter or Foursquare maybe?


I came across this article that could be very useful for my assignments during my Master programme last year. Too bad I hadn’t come across this article back then.

Anyway, I hope it will be useful for you now. This below I quoted one section of the article, which explains the generation that is now very into digital media: the Digital Natives, or as this article called ‘The Rising generation (or generation Z)’.

Bridging the Generation Gap at Work Through the Power of Communication.


This generation has yet to be profiled. Some people are calling this generation “Generation Z,” and many demographers believe that they are going to look very much like our Traditionalist Generation. (Generations do repeat themselves every 80 years or after 4 generations have evolved…they begin to repeat. As an example, Generation Y is actually looking very, very much like our G.I. Generation.) Our current recession is more than likely going to create a generation that is frugal, socially conscious, and craving the need for integrity. This generation is yet to be defined, but I believe this generation along with Gen Y are going to be radically changing our world! Having said this, we are, however, already seeing that texting is indeed one of their favorite forms of communication, and cell phones are being placed in their palms at an earlier and earlier age, as early as age 9.

This video has moved me to implement, or at least, to give this presentation in Indonesia. This video is so inspiring that it is applicable to all aspects of life, all business fields.

Enjoy this presentation!

Today is a very nice day in Holland; yet I am stuck in my office, doing barely anything because my supervisors are one on holiday, and another one ill. Thus, having done all the tasks assigned to me since yesterday, I checked my Google Reader and found lots of interesting articles.

One of them is about the social hotel – Creators Inn – in Stockholm, Sweden. It is “offering free, short-term accommodation for visiting creators.” (The first Creators Inn is in Gothenburg, Sweden.) This hotel is created by a clothing line, Elvine. Thus, you might expect lots of Elvine products in the hotel (like you are free to use the Elvine clothes that are prepared for you in every room – nice!)

Yet, you cannot just pop in and ask for a free room. You have to apply for it; and they will decide upon a selection procedure.

Interesting, huh?

And, to apply for a free accommodation, you can’t simply say “I’m broke, I need a free accommodation!” or “I want to meet some friends and catch up with them. ” You need to state an interesting and creative reason.

I agree with Nick Burcher in his post about Creators Inn. This concept displays the importance of Word of Mouth and the creation of brand experience.

I wonder whether I could get a free room. Yet, still need to think what my reasoning is 🙂

And I also wonder whether this concept would work in Bali or Lombok, Indonesia, for instance. Hm,…

Read more about Creators Inn here

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