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And this video will make you wow, think and then smile 🙂

at least I did


They could even have asked the customers to post their pictures on Facebook or Twitter or Foursquare maybe?

I am amazed by this video
are you?

Thanks to Newsweek for this cool video: Click Here

I agree with some comments posted on that video:

1. “I cannot imagine how it was without Facebook.”

2. “People are writing too much information on Facebook. They update it like 30 times a day.” (I hate this, too. I cannot understand why people post information such “going to sleep”, “I am confused whether I should eat rice or potato.” “just woke up”)

3. “The first thing I do in the morning after I wake up is turn on my computer and log on Facebook.” (for me, it’s not 100% true, but I often check my Facebook to start my working/studying day)

4. “I like it. It’s like stalking, but fun!” (just realised it, but it’s so true!)

It makes me wonder what if this ‘research’were done in Indonesia. Would the same result come up?

Yesterday, Indonesian online realm was packed with discussions about a house-wife that was sent to jail because she sent e-mails to her friends (that happened to appear in some forums and blogs) about bad service she received from Omni Internation. Hospital Indonesia. She was accused of defamation: circulating online defamatory statement against Omni Hospital. Her name is Prita Mulyasari.

Bloggers, Facebookers, and other digital citizens in and from Indonesian, and also from outside Indonesia, are screaming for justice, for support to free her from this injustice. People made Facebook cause, tweeting, blogging, retweeting, shouting on their status, making poster, and other things. I am impressed (as an Indonesian, I, too, posted a blog post and tweeted).

Today, she is released (just now), yet still under city arrest.

Apparently bowing to the mounting public pressure, the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) released on Wednesday a housewife from prison and put her under city arrest.

Prita Mulyasari had been detained at Tangerang women penitentiary for three weeks after she was named a suspect for allegedly defaming Omni International Hospital after she shared her complaint about the hospital’s services via the internet.

“The AGO has released her from jail to serve a city arrest as of today,” AGO spokesperson Jasman Pandjaitan said on Wednesday, without elaborating the reasons behind the policy.

Source: The Jakarta Post

At least, she can see her babies and  her husband. But, under city arrest, oh gosh! I can’t help but wonder what has she done that deserves all of this. Is she a terrorist? corruptor? murderer? in fact, her life was in danger a year ago, at Omni hospital.

Justice is still rare – that’s why we always say “Life is unfair” – yet freedom of speech, to express your own opinion? with the emergence of digital/social media, could there still be injustice? *a deep sigh*

Let’s see what’s gonna happen with Omni hospital. They need a billion year to learn about (online) reputation management. Deleting comment on company blog or hiding when (online) attack occured are wrong; yet sending your customer to jail because of her dissatisfaction published on online media? OMG.

Chk-chk boom girl

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Reading this article on Viralblog, I was initially not at all buying this story. I mean, what’s so special about it? But then, I dug and read carefully: I was in total shock. Amazed, I would say!

Overnight, she became an internet superstar, just because of her false testimony she gave (and maybe because of her pretty face).

Companies, be aware of the (even more powerful) power of the media. Even the false account can go viral and may destroy your reputation.

Today is Labour Day in Holland. I have a day off for googling, digging, twittering, and other digital activities. The first thing I found during this ‘treasure hunt’ day is this interesting slide about Change Marketing. It specifically underlines the growth of digital media in Europe.

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